Established for the past 5½ years this café bar has developed a reputation for the range of food that is offered to its many customers both local and tourists.

The bar is situated in a region of Palma that has a night life of its own and does not solely rely on the thousands of tourists that come to the Island on an annual basis.

The owners have quite rightly differentiated the café bar from the normal café bars you would normally find in this area of Palma and because of this they have made it a very successful year round café bar, no rx with those who live in the area frequenting it on a very regular basis and add in the tourists that do venture into this area of Palma of a night time for the night life, it has become a very successful business for the two brothers that run it themselves.

Unlike the tourist areas of both the Island and Palma, this café bar being part of the actual fabric of the area and the way of life in Palma actually shuts during the month of August! Well that’s when the locals take their holidays and so do the two brothers, taking the opportunity to go back to visit their family and friends in Sweden.

The bar is 95sqm in total with a large bar area on entering, which then opens out to a seating area that resembles a lounge more than a normal café bar layout, again this has added to the uniqueness of the business and adds to its charm that has captured the locals imagination together with the food that is being offered!

The café bar caters for a range of private parties and also has its own website, which of course would be part of the sale.

If you are looking for something a little different, that works effectively 12 months of the year and does not rely on the tourist trade and has a very good turnover and profit level then this may be for you.

  • Location: Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands 
  • Property or Business Type:
  • Leasehold Price: 44,000 
  • Monthly Rental Price: 974 
  • Ref. Code: CPM2330