Summary of Business and Offer

A small well-established business based in Majorca, Spain, offering a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service for homes, commercial establishments and boats.   It has established a solid reputation by offering  a variety of up- to- date cleaning methods, adapted to the customer’s  requirements  using  award winning cleaning products and equipment.

This business offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a secure income whilst enjoying the lifestyle benefits that Majorca has to offer.  The vendors of the business have developed the company through a wide network of contacts following many years residence on the Island.  The partners involved in this business are British and are able to provide a smooth hand-over to prospective buyer including guidance and training to N.C.C.A. (National Carpet Cleaning Assoc. of Great Britain) levels and access to a database of clients, potential clients and business support services.  Spanish language skills would be an advantage (as with any business based in Spain) but are not essential.

Current Opportunity

Due to unforeseen circumstances this successful business is available for sale immediately and includes not only a successful core business opportunity but considerable potential for expansion.  The vendors will be taking an extended break following the sale of the business and so will be in a unique position to offer a smooth hand-over, training and on-going help and support.

Majorca is a wonderful  location for individuals, couples and families but can provide challenges to find suitable employment and remuneration. This business would be ideal  for a hardworking couple or two or more business partners, providing an opportunity for instant, secure income and opportunities for growth and expansion.

The business is currently based in South West Mallorca and is run from home.  All work is carried out in situ using clients´ electricity and water so the overheads of the business can be kept to a very low level ensuring minimum risk.  There are extremely high profit margins, all-year-round trade and a database of largely wealthy clients who pay on completion of work ensuring a healthy cash flow.


Mallorca enjoys a bustling tourist trade and year-round residents.  Many of the holiday home and yacht owners are in the upper income brackets, enabling a steady cash flow and good profit margins to be achieved.  As a holiday destination Mallorca stimulates demand for well-run, reliable services.

Target Market

• Yacht owners
• Marine resources management
• Private home owners
• Private landlords
• Commercial premises
• Hotels
• Property management companies
• Estate agents and rental lettings agencies

Potential areas of Expansion

• Marble floor cleaning specialists
• General cleaning
• Garden maintenance and landscaping.
• Mattress cleaning.


This company has a fully developed corporate identity including artwork, stationery, website and livery.
The database of customers and potential customers has been established via many  years of combined experience.

Marketing Methods

• Advertising
• Leafleting
• Word of mouth
• Website
• Networking
• Public relations

Summary of Results


The business currently focuses on South West Mallorca, but there is the potential to expand to other parts of the island depending on staff availability and to further expand to Ibiza and Menorca where the market conditions are very similar.

Market Niche

The company has positioned itself, not to be the cheapest, but to provide competitive prices for high standards of presentation and customer service. The company representatives are respectful to customers and work in a clean company uniform.  Presentation is important because of the kind of environment within which most of the work takes place.  Great attention is paid to completing a job to highest standards and obtaining customer satisfaction.

The database of existing and potential customers is the key to success and represents the true value of the business.

  • Location: Palma, Illes Balears 
  • Property or Business Type:
    Alternative Businesses 
  • Leasehold Price: 50,000 
  • Ref. Code: 1014–16SW