The business started trading in May 1980.  During the boom years of the early 80’s Protectorcoat marketed the specialist coating heavily in the UK. In the early 90’s they saw the potential for the product in Spain and in 1991 they began to trade in Javea, north of Alicante. They now have expanded from the Costa Blanca to Costa del Sol, the Algarve Portugal, Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, and Malta.

The business is involved with the exterior renovation of villas and for the past seventeen years abroad they have gained a great deal of “know-how” on how to market the product successfully. There is a large untapped market for long life protective coatings for villa exteriors.  Normally ex-pats will paint their villa with exterior plastic emulsion which has to be repainted every year or two. It is purely cosmetic and the normal paint does not cover the unsightly defects and cracks in the cement which are so prevalent abroad.  They also do not offer any protection from the elements. With the changing weather patterns Spain and other continental countries do experience winters where a great deal of rain is experienced causing damp and other problems with the properties.

 The specialised spray applied coating system eradicates all of the problems of constant painting.  It stops penetrating damp and the material will not fade in colour. Its power washable and is guaranteed not to chip, flake or peel and is designed to tolerate thermal movement. Just as UPVC windows have taken over from conventional systems Protectorcoats’ product is proving to be the same.  Essentially it is a liquid plastic wall coating that is sprayed onto the property which protects and makes the exterior maintenance free for 15 years or more. It’s easy to think of wall coating like the Gore-Tex fabric used in high performance sportswear. Droplets of rain are too big to penetrate the building but water vapour is small enough to escape through the micro-porous membrane allowing the walls to breathe and dry naturally.

The wall coating is equivalent to 20 ordinary coats of paint – that’s how good it is!  It also provides excellent insulation qualities and helps to keep properties cool in summer and warm in winter which is fantastic in the med.  Its also mould, algae, fungus and acid rain resistant. It’s a brave company that can boast that their product has “Looks that last a lifetime” but Protectorcoat do and back it with a 15 year guarantee that covers materials and labour.. Something that they are very proud of.

The business for sale on Mallorca is the master franchise where the franchisee has purchased the rights to both marketing and applicating rights for the whole of the island which is a very large area indeed. It could be a very shrewd business move for the new franchisee to split the island into north and south and to sub franchise one half thus immediately getting half (or more) of his investment back. Something that the existing franchisee has already run by the franchisor and has their blessing and is worth considering.  Also the German market on the island is massive and so far untapped. There’s a brilliant opportunity for you if you wished to employ somebody that speaks the language and to take your potential earning capacity to another level.

We feel here at Bizbalears this is a fantastic opportunity to take on a very profitable franchise with a proven history.

  • Freehold Price: 39300 
  • Ref. Code: FIW2456