This large property is located in the well known ‘Spanish Square’ in Santa Ponca, which is surrounded by Hotels and Apartments, the ‘Square’ is the venue for a range of entertainment throughout the season, with early evening entertainment for the children and at 9pm it switches its entertainment to cater for those of an older age and this goes on late into the night.

The property has two distinct bar areas, one of which at the rear of the premises was used for snacks and take away foods, whilst the bar at the front of the property, looking onto the ‘Square’ catered for the drinks side of the business as well as being a suitable size to allow live music subject to licencing and planning which should not prove to be a problem.

In addition to the bar areas, there is a terraced area that is fully covered, directly outside the Main Bar area (Currently has a pool table situated there) which belongs to the property, as does the area alongside the Main Bar leading back to the secure courtyard, which again is part of the property, again there are two further lock up’s that belong to the property and were being used for storage of stock etc. The square metres are as follows: Internal Bar Area 175sqm, Exterior 184sqm and the storage area 55sqm, a total of 414sqm, so you can see it is a large property with large potential!

This property has not been used for the past year and needs some work carried out to bring it back to its former glory, if not better than that! The price being asked for the Freehold (Rarer than Snow in a Desert out here, especially in this location!) reflects the fact that any new owners would have to spend €25 – €30,000 on modifications to bring it up to date.

The opportunity to make this into both a Bar, offering Audio Visual Entertainment with sit down and take away food service from the rear, (as there is little in the way of this service in the ‘Square’ of an evening) and in conjunction with using the Courtyard as a safe area for the kids (Bouncy Castle, Games, Carousel etc) to entertain themselves, while the parents enjoy their evening, makes this a unique and desirable opportunity!

That of course is only one suggestion to what the usage this property could be, new owners could decide on something completely different, it is in effect a ‘Blank Canvas’ waiting for someone to have the ‘Vision’ and paint the picture.

One further point is that licences will in all probability need to be applied for due to it being empty for the past 12 months; however the application should not be a problem in this area, as it is ‘The’ entertainment area of the resort and has all sorts of licences in operation.

Serious enquiries only please with proof of the capital required for such a venture.

  • Location: Calvià, Balearic Islands 
  • Property or Business Type:
    Investment Opportunities 
  • Freehold Price: 360000 
  • Ref. Code: ISP1407