Well what we can say about this venue, probably one of the best known venues in the whole of Magaluf!

Owned and run for the past 14 years by ‘Angie & Archie’ and those of you who know ‘Archie’ will know just how much fun he can be!, this venue has become an icon of Magaluf for those it in all probability makes more than most of the ‘Front Line’ bars in Magaluf, its testament to its popularity, that visitors who come for the first time, return throughout their holiday and again the following years.

Although its almost a shrine to the ‘Geordie Ethos’ of having a good time, its not solely populated by the Geordies who come to Magaluf on holiday, far from it, all those who venture into the ‘Black & White’ inner sanctum, are welcomed by Angie and her staff, the atmosphere and the antics of the staff just make you welcome no matter where on the planet you come from, some even find it hard to leave (Well sober that is!).

Within the 100sqm interior is a DJ Station, Computerised Play list, CD player, Mini Disc, DJ, Mixing, Music Limiter, Range of Lighting and a retractable stage area, Pool Table, 5 tables, 2 Bistro Tables, 9 Bar Stools and seating for at least 47 and further standing room!  The bar area is where the staff entertain as well as serve the range of Specific Cocktails, beers and spirits till 4am!

With 6 TV’s and a range of Satellite Stations for a complete range of Sports there is entertainment coming out of your ears!

Externally on the 60sqm Terrace there is a further 12 tables with seating for 50 undercover away from the heat of the season, somewhere to either sit and watch the Match or have your food, which is served from the Kitchen from 1pm – 10pm daily, the range of food will just about cover anyone’s taste!

Opening March to October 1pm – 4am this is a venue that needs someone who has the stamina and ability to emulate what Angie has done for the past 14 years, this is a formula has worked and worked well and there is no reason to think it cannot continue to do so with the right owners in place.

There are 2 options to new owners they can either lease the venue and then if they choose at a later stage, purchase it outright with the lease fee being offset against the freehold price, leaving the difference to be paid.

Accounts are available for serious purchasers who after signing a confidentiality agreement and giving proof of funding being available will then be invited to meet with Angie, ‘Buyers beware, she does not take prisoners’.

  • Property or Business Type:
  • Leasehold Price: 82,500 
  • Monthly Rental Price: 1,500 
  • Freehold Price: 315000 
  • Ref. Code: RMA2303