The company was founded in March 1997 and has been operated since by a Sociedad Limitada (corresponds to Ltd.). It is located in the south-west of the island near to a thriving yacht club and in the vicinity of one of the most important residential areas. The premises of 203 square meters interior and 32 square meters terrace are owned by the operating company. The interior is divided into three parts:

1. Showroom, approx. 150 sqm
2. Office and customer meeting area, approx. 30 sqm
3. Tailor’s, approx. 18 sqm.

There is a bathroom of 6 sqm with WC, wash-basin and shower, equipped with an electrical 50l boiler. The office is completely equipped with three working positions, two telephone lines, ADSL internet connection and air condition. IT equipment can also be taken over. The height of all rooms is 2.75m.

The premises are in the form of a square with a depth of approx. 13m and a width of approx. 15m. The terrace has a depth of 2m and got a new floor tiling in 2007.

The shop has had a complete electrical installation with 6.6kW power contracted. Water supply is provided by the owner community of the building. Annual cost of water, building insurance and administration is around 600 Euro. There is sufficient free parking available in front of the shop. The value of the shop has been estimated being365, 472 Euro in October 2007. A further increase in value can be expected over the next few years.

The company also owns a van for delivery, a Citroen Jumper with a load volume of 11.5cubic meters which was purchased in December 2007 at a price of approx. 20,000Euro.

The furniture and decoration business despite its small showroom offers a broad range of furniture made of

– wicker and cane
– wrought iron
– solid wood– upholstery
aluminium and synthetic woven furniture

mostly from Spanish manufacturers for nearly all parts of the house

– living room
– dining room
– bedroom
– children’s room
– hall and auxiliary furniture
terrace and garden.

In addition mattresses, bases, bedding (German brands) as well as curtain poles and rails are sold. The confections of curtains and decoration made of fabrics purchased from German and Spanish providers makes up for a substantial part of the sales and can still be increased.

Stocks are continuously maintained at a value of 40.000 to 50.000 Euro.

Wrought iron beds from an Italian manufacturer as well as children furniture from a Danish manufacturer are still distributed exclusively on the island. Distribution could be extended to the Spanish mainland.

The company operates a website (6 TLDs) which continuously has held top positions in Google and other search engines. This generates a big part of the total sales.

  • Location: Balearic Islands 
  • Property or Business Type:
    Alternative Businesses 
  • Leasehold Price: 132,000 
  • Monthly Rental Price: 2,400 
  • Freehold Price: 525000 
  • Ref. Code: ASW2469